Out now: Updated (2017) version of Pleasure Boating

A new edition (reprint) of Pleasure Boating on the Thames is out now. Besides being a thicker tome, thanks to it being printed on superior paper, the new (2017) version contains a number of improvements, such as:

  • Updated information about the firm’s most recent activities, including the purchase of Abingdon Boat Centre in 2015 and some lesser known facts, such as the ‘Park and Glide’ scheme that was proposed (not by the firm) in 2002.
  • New information gleaned from two recent interviews with former employees (Richard Tyrrell and Kenneth Strange) that shed further light on the boat-building side of the business.
  • An updated family tree.
  • New associations that have come to light since the publication of the book and thesis, such as William Morris’ association with the firm.
  • Updated citations referring to some new scholarly resources on the Thames’ history.
  • References to a number of the more recent (and detailed) articles I have produced (an academic journal article on the history of camping and popular pieces in Limited Edition on the suffragettes and the Titanic respectively).
  • Incorporating a number of suggested improvements, such as referring to the entire fleet and including terminology I was unaware of.
  • Small factual corrections that have come to light since the first version.

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