Rare Edwardian boat-building photos from Salter Bros Ltd (part 3)

Below are the third of a collection of rare photos of boats built by Salter Bros Ltd around the beginning of the twentieth century (c. 1900-1910). Some of them were slides used for promotional purposes. They include some of the earliest motorboats and steel-hulled craft built by the firm, as well as some craft built in the inter-war period, i.e. after the Edwardian period.

[The images are copyright of Salter’s Steamers Ltd and cannot be reproduced without permission]

Above: Unidentified sailing boat
No. 51 Motor or electric canoe (24ft). Image used in promotional brochures
Iffley (built in 1909). A section of the image removed to be used in a brochure
Linnet with college barges in background
A rowing punt (with rudder)
Unnamed motorboat
Small dinghy with early outboard motor attached
No. 27 Sailing canoe with two sails (14ft x 2ft 6in)
A (rowing?) double canoe displayed on a snowy Brook Street
A single sculler with the Salter Bros green barge in the background
An unnamed motor boat
Unnamed steamer
Dreadnought (a 24ft launch built 1908)
An unidentified boat (possibly Dreadnought again)
A 42ft clinker four oar
A sailing punt
Small motorboat
Canadian canoe
Unnamed motorboat moored at Folly Bridge
A steel randan rowing boat built for E. Bennett in 1913
Pair-oared boat

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