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Recommended online resources for Victorian history

You can learn a lot about Victorian history from the many online resources that are available. Below is a short list of some of the best general websites for learning more about the period (mainly at a popular level). The first list shows sites that are free to access, whilst the second shows those that you have to pay to access (or be a member of a recognised academic institution):

Resources you pay for

  • ‘Investigating the Victorians’ [a great 10-week online introductory course about the Victorians run by Oxford University’s Continuing Education Department]
  • Victorian Studies Journal [the main academic journal for this period – titles can be searched for, but they can only be read if you have an account or are member of an academic institution]
  • Nineteenth Century British Newspapers [a wonderful selection of national newspapers that can be scanned for keywords – and accessed freely from educational establishments and some libraries]
  • Census Material [this extensive resource can be accessed by subscription or used for free in many local libraries]
  • Dictionary of National Biography [a useful reference resource for information on people that can be accessed from educational establishments]

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  1. Philip Turner

    I volunteer with a children’s history club and for homework my club have been doing independent research projects and presentations on a topic of their choosing and one group decided to about the history of London. Their presentation went well and it was so interesting, even as a history buff I learnt a lot!

    Im just reaching out to say thank you because they used your recommended Victorian history resources page ( https://simonwenham.com/recommended-online-resources-victorian-history/ ) to find references for their presentation and said it led them to some great sources of information. One of the kids, Alice, suggested I pass along this article that they found https://www.jomashop.com/blog/articles/big-ben-the-history-of-the-worlds-most-famous-clock all about the history of Big Ben and she thought it would be an interesting read for your site users. Would you mind adding it if you think your site users would enjoy reading it? They were so enthusiastic about this presentation and I would love to show them that you have appreciated their research efforts.

    Thanks for your time. Take care,

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